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Multi-wall Paperbag

We specialized in the making of quality Multi-wall Paper Bags derived from 100% Long Fibre Sack Kraft. Over the years of substantial investment on production facilities and processing equipment which include the acclaimed WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHERFlexo Printer, Universal Tuber &Bottomer, we have elevated our operational efficiency to a new height that meets with customer expectations.


  • Sewn Valve Gusseted Sack
  • Sewn Valve Gusseted Sack with Tuck-in Sleeve
  • Sewn Open Mouth Gusseted Sack
  • Sewn Open Mouth Flat Tube Sack
  • Pasted Valve Sack
  • Pasted Valve Sack with Tuck-in Sleeve
  • Pasted Open Mouth Sack

Performance Testing

Equipped with most sophisticated lab equipment in this region to ascertain -

  • weight of paper, thickness, moisture content
  • coefficient of friction
  • tensile, TEA index, stretch etc.

Caring For The Environment

We embrace the notion that our business grow must be in harmony with the environment in which we operate. We have invested in every process to minimize the negative impact on our environment.